Computer Industry

deThe world is advancing in many realms, and almost everything is expanding and gaining monetary value. It is not by accident that these are happening, because with technological advancement coming into place, everyone is yearning to fit in somewhere and grab the opportunities available by technology. This is why computers have entered the market with a boom, and are here to stay.

Many can remember the nostalgic days that the first computer with limited speed and almost no storage capacity came into existence. It was known as the Abacus. When revolutions took grip of the computing industry, other computers emerged with more sophisticated features and equally impressive capabilities of executing various tasks. For a long time, owning a computer would mean that one had to be affluent enough to make it.

When others, such as the mainframes, microcomputers, and palmtops, in 20th century came in, it became imminent that some human tasks would be overtaken by events, courtesy of simple and technical computing. Computers were mostly owned by bigger industries, and seldom did individuals acquire one. The initial purchasing and maintenance costs were too high to bear, let alone its security.asus-design-award_2006_W1-Notebook-PC


Computers further evolved in the earlier period of the current century, where many industries were embracing technology in their service delivery and manufacturing of products. It is possible that at this juncture, special purpose computers mushroomed in the industry, and some tasks were made to be more than simple.

The period might have seen the emergence of Enterprise Resource Planning, and Management Information Systems, among other specialized information systems that may have added value to the field of computing, with regards to professionalism. In terms of market values, personal computers were becoming more affordable as many manufacturers entered the market. Manufacturers such as IBM were joined by hP and Samsung, among other companies; even to date there are still new entrants joining the market.asus-m70ad-desktop

Laptops have also become cheaper and affordable every time a newer idea penetrates the market; the previous ones rendered obsolete. With Windows changing from as far back as 1993 to 2012, there are new things to enjoy in in the world of computers.

Lately, artificial intelligence is the trend, with robotics taking over the manufacturing industry, and car manufacturers are embracing this trend among other industries. With expensive robots, the dynamics of a computer niche is set to change, because the prospective trend would be that many will be rendered jobless.